Korytnacka Zralok Ryba Ryba Ryba

Martin Ferák

The water surface creates a barrier for most human eyes, however not for all of them. Captures of professional underwater photographers open a window to the underwater world rewealing us secrets of this magical world.  Water is a dense environment allowing to use all three dimensions, testing creativity and skills of underwater photographer due to challenging lighting conditions. An access to air on surface is replaced by scuba tanks or holding breath for longer periods, requiring a photographer and sometimes even his model to be good divers. Once a person becomes a good diver, learns the techniques of underwater photography, it is still far from winning the battle. A good luck and feeling for the exact moment when to push the button is essencial part of the game…  The photographer is Martin Ferak, enjoy his work presented by this page. To use any photo from this page, you need to receive the consent of the author.